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1912 Tibet Stamp Sheet Originals From Which Our Reprints Have Been Made
  Tibet Stamps

Reprints of Tibet's first stamp issue, reproduced from rare original sheets carved from a single block of wood, one for each value. The 2/3tr (carmine) value has the famous "Potsage" error in its original setting. 

Prior to 1912 letters were wax sealed. It was following China's issue of the overprints for the Chinese Offices in Tibet in 1911 that Tibet saw the need to issue her own postage stamps a year later in 1912. This act, for future generations,would be a reminder of Tibet's independent status. 

Help Free Tibet- cut these stamps and apply to your correspondence. These stamps are gummed. 

Tibet Stamps-Genuine sheets, color reprint set of Independent Tibet's first stamp issue. 5 sheets of 12 stamps (60 stamps each set_free shipping) Approved of by the Office of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama
$3 ea.set, 
3 sets/ $7.50
Tibet Postal Cover, 1933 Issue Complete Set on Cover
Tibet, Singles,14 Stamps, 1912 and 1933 Issues (Sewing machine perfs on blue and orange values)
Tibet, 1924 Cover to Nepal with 1912 Issue, Rare. Side A     Side B
Tibet Cover, 4tr, wax seals, Side A Side B

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Medicine Buddha

Aroma Therapeutic Tibetan Herbal Incense

"Tibetan incense, medicinal powder, and Tibetan 'precious pills' are in
great demand here," said one police officer who asked not to be named.
"People believe that it can prevent the virus. And SARS hasn't spread to Tibet."
Radio Free Asia-May 7, 2003

Tibetan Precious Pills and Herbal Formulations 

Handbook of Traditional Tibetan Drugs: Their Nomenclature,Composition, Use and Dosage

Buddha Statues

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